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Through out the years we have learned that in order to be successful in this business we need to fulfil our customers´ needs. Therefore, we make every effort to provide solutions that will guarantee our clients the highest quality.

This belief has led to serve many national and international clients, mostly recurrent, of which we can mention the following:

- Banco General

- World Trade Center

- COPA Airlines

- Diaz y Guardia

- Ingenieria R.M.

- Bienes Raices Regency

- Empresas Vicsons

- Hercesa Ferrocarril

- Andrade Gutierrez

- Buenaventura

- Farmacias Arrocha

- Do It Center

- Grupo Lefevre

- Desarrollo Bahia

- Grupo Provivienda

- Empresas HOPSA

- Cochez y Cia

- Rodio Swissboring Panama

- Ocean Embassy Panama

- D.W. Dickerson

- Dredging International Panama

- Refineria de Panama

- Cemento Panama


- ICA Panama

- Grupo Roble