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We are a company in the construction industry with over 25 years of industry experience, creating jobs at all levels, and providing top engineering services and products in order to build a better future for Panama and abroad.

By integrating our services with our innovative building methods and the extensive professional experience of our engineers, we can build complex projects fulfilling the specified quality requirements while completing them within the required time and budget estimates.

By following the highest quality standards, we deliver our clients a product with aggregate value in an increasingly dynamic and competitive industry.


"To become the best engineering, procurement and construction firm, by taking advantage of our straightforward processes, broad experience and comfortable work environment in order to satisfy our customers and industry needs."

The personal relationship we sustain with our clients throughout the development of their projects helps us bring first hand solutions to fulfil our customers’ needs. This has led us to gain the trust of our clients and to be considered one of the leading companies in the industry.


¨Integrate our engineering, design and construction services to provide vital solutions for the development of Panama¨.

We strive to achieve this mission by sharing the project responsibility with everyone working in the company. By passing on this work ethic we secure that everyone is part of this mission.

Company Policy

Provide engineering services geared to fulfil society needs while meeting our clients’ expectations within a framework of respect and social responsibility.

Maintain highly qualified professionals where they can learn new skills and acquire experience that will allow them to grow personally and professionally.

Work side by side with our suppliers to ensure quality products.

Maintain the latest technology to secure proper project development.

Develop innovative construction solutions while keeping the highest safety standards.

Disclose our company policy and objectives at all levels within our organization to ensure steady company growth.


The management of CYASA, S.A. is firmly convinced that safety and prevention are an integral part of planning and executing all of their projects.

We believe that through the combined efforts of upper management, supervisory staff and site workers coupled with our zero tolerance policy we can achieve the formation of a productive and responsible labor force.

Our goal is to comply with all safety and occupational health standards in order to avoid accidents and prevent environmental pollution.


CYASA, S.A. since its conception has been concerned to implement management systems that enable its customers to obtain value-added services. Thus, in order to achieve this quality policy and provide improved services while respecting all environment and occupational health and safety procedures, we are in the process of certification of our Quality System according to ISO 9001, our Environmental Management System based on Standard 14001 and our management system based on the Standard OSHA 18001.